As I write characters, I feel it is good practice to keep a list of them.

Tales from an old man:

Old Gilbert ~ (25 at the time)
My story-teller. He represents a certain.. chapter in my life. And the stories he tells goes along with that. Some may be true, others complete fabrications.. Some may contain both truth, as well as fiction.. It was a very interesting chapter to live.

Juliette ~ (21 at the time)

The Narrator

Young Mother, bad marriage

Jessi ~ 19
She’s in a bad relationship, she doesn’t feel like she can get out of it. She’s the mother of a toddler, a stay at home mom. She got pregnant at 17 and forced to marry the baby daddy due to religious superstitions. She never got her licence, or finished high school, and her husband is telling her lies keeping her from achieving any goals she comes up with.

Lance ~ 23
Jessi’s love interest

The husband

The toddler

Druid Cousins

Rikki ~ 17
Curly red hair, green eyes, freckles to spare, fair.

Vivienne ~ 22
Brown eyes, straight blond hair, fair skin tone.

Ben ~ 17/18
Rikki’s ‘mortal enemy’. Subtle blue eyes, a strong chin, and a sparkle in his eyes, messy dark hair and eyeliner.