Lucky Penny (word vomit)

“I wonder why they went bankrupt.” John said causally leaning against the desk while Sue was sweeping up the office.
“I wouldn’t know..” She was busy, and bothered by this lazy flirt. “But their loss is our gain. I love this office space.”
“Oh look, a penny! Is it heads up?”
Trying to keep her eye roll from being noticed, she picked it up.
“Yes, and it’s pretty old.”
She put it in her pocket for convenience and completely forgot about it until hours later, when she was home with her son.
“Hey Jacob, I got an old penny for you! It’s good luck.”
She instructed her son to do his homework while she was cooking.
Something in class that day made Jacob think to look up that penny online. He was only seven, but he was an intelligent child. And he had grown up with technology all his life.
Using the family tablet, he read off the date of the penny into the voice search.
“Hey mom, what’s this mean?”
“What are you…”
She stopped when she saw what the penny was worth.
Ironic that the businessmen or women who dropped it had taken advantage of the bit of copper. It could have possibly saved them from bankruptcy, prohibiting Sue from claiming the space, and instantly becoming a multi-billionaire.
She would never have to work again, unless she chose to.