magic runs in the family

Rikki stretched on the floor and waved her hand. With a small splash, a bubble of water rose from her glass. Feeling cheeky, she beckoned with her index finger and the water floated toward her lips.

“You are the laziest, cousin. I hope you don’t do that in public.” Vivienne rolled her eyes. Being older, she felt in charge and often took that to heart. Sometimes even a little far.

“Me? I would never. Honestly, when would I be so foolish?”

“When Ben gets on your nerves.” Vivienne replied instantly. Then with a smirk, “Like that time when the soda fountain mysteriously exploded in his direction.”

“That wasn’t me.”

“Yes, it was.”

“You can’t prove it was me.”

Vivienne shook her head and waved her own hand to manipulate the smoke from the incense. She liked to create images in the smoke. Today she felt like practicing the details. Just for fun, she choose a wolf and the image slowly emerged in wispy form.

Rikki and Vivienne were born into a family of druids. They had the ability to control nature, including the weather, the elements, and on occasion, animals. Even more infrequently was the ability to manipulate other humans.

Growing up, they were taught science, astrology, philosophy, history, astronomy, mathematics, science, divination.. Being a druid is not all fun and games. Druidism is knowledge. A desire to know, and to be, that has been passed down through the generations.

Their favorite pet, Tagger, currently a black cat, jumped on Rikki which made her squeal and drop her concentration. The result was a splash of water in her face.

“UGH!” Tagger started clawing her stomach as if giving a massage. Rikki sat up on her elbows, glaring at her pet. “You did that on purpose, didn’t you.”

“Oh please,” Vivienne chuckled. “You weren’t paying attention.”

“He’s evil.”

“He’s a cat. Your cat.”

“If he’s evil he got it from you.”

“Yes, that makes total sense.” Vivienne gave up on her wolf with a frustrated wave, and glared at her younger cousin. “Your pet picked up the trait for evil from me.”

“How’s my makeup?”

“Over done, slightly wet.”

“Bitch. Are you about ready?”

“Waiting on you, slut.”

They stared at each other until they couldn’t contain their girlish giggles from bubbling out.


getting the reader to feel…

How could you?

I never uttered a single word! Did you hear me complain? When we met, you told me this was how you are, and I accepted you and we created a relationship based on truth, mutual respect, and love.

I let you date other women. I let you sleep around. I didn’t even bat an eyelash when you flirted with my sister! You knew I don’t care for any of it, but you fucked the boundaries just because you wanted to!

When my ex remarried you definitely called it, you said it wouldn’t last a year and they didn’t even make half of that. But neither of us could have expected her to come knocking on my door asking for a friend. She was the reason my ex kicked me out of my home, but that was also why I found you.. and I was grateful to her for that..

Then you had to go and make friends with her.. then you had to spend hours alone.. and kiss.. and you tried to make a second girlfriend work but with HER? All this time I have given you your freedom but you had to want her too?

Then you had to fuck her. Under my roof. And you promised you would tell me if it ever happened, you promised you would use protection. You were supposed to be honest, if nothing else we have always been honest… but you lied and you didn’t even use a condom.

How could you break my heart? And with her of all people?

I don’t want a new relationship. I don’t want to start over. I can’t face this world alone, and you know it. I’m stuck here with you.. I’m afraid.. I can’t make it on my own, I know nothing of how to handle bills and I don’t even make enough money to try.

I can’t feel the pain anymore and I am settling for what you’ve promised me: a roof, four walls, all bills paid, eating out when I want, romance, affection, sex whenever I am in the mood. You’re giving me comfort in this life and I am throwing away my dignity, and the possibility of true love, a soul mate..

I am too tired to fight for what I want. I am too weak to go out and get it elsewhere. You’re all I have. And all I want to do is lay in the tub with an exactoknife and slip into the next great adventure.

Maybe in the next life I will be homeless, but loved.